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What other customers had to say…

I was very sceptical prior to taking this supplement as I have chronic knee pains which has been debilitating for years. Incredulously, it worked for me after 12 days! No pain!
Since then, my life has changed drastically and for the better! I can now walk pain free again, start exercising and start living my life again!

Hong Kong

I have recently started using Amazoil. I have had lower back pain and sciatica for about 8 months. It was also waking me up several times during the night - especially the pains down my legs. Within a few days I could already feel a big difference and after 2 weeks the pain is almost gone - what a relief!

New Zealand

My Mother is 89 years of age... she is in good overall health apart from the obvious back and joint niggles that most people suffer from. She hasn’t had a great deal of get up and go that she has enjoyed for most of her life, until now. Recently she had cellulitis in her lower left leg and spent 5 days in hospital on strong antibiotics. This got the infection under control but the lingering swelling and redness from the infection persisted for weeks. Then we discovered Amazoil through a friends recommendation...I can’t speak highly enough of this product. I asked Mum to monitor her progress and to make sure that she took the required 2 tablets at the same time everyday. After 3 weeks, in a nutshell (excuse the pun) she is feeling a lot better in herself, is getting out in the garden and is feeling a sense of vitality that she is very grateful for...her back pain has lessened considerably...the swelling and redness in her leg has gone. So all in all she will be continuing to take Amazoil going forward. I am going to promote this product to others because I have seen the results. Regards John

New Zeland

I suffered from Gout for many years and Amazoil™ eliminated the symptoms of Gout and no pain.

Age: 60s | South Africa

After just 3 weeks, my energy levels are way higher. I am in my early 70's and I suffer from low energy, especially in the afternoon and evening. I am now able to live a more active life. I also noticed the stiffness in my knees and ankles, which I feel most when I wake up in mornings, has now almost completely disappeared. Fantastic product which I will continue to use .

Age: 70s | South Africa

I've been taking Amazoil™ since July 2018, which is about 3 months. After about a month I noticed morning wood showed a significant resurgence. I'm over 50 and things were starting to soften. No more though! Amazoil™ is working well. My partner has also noticed the difference in very pleasing ways. Much more staying power and much more frequency. My libido is markedly improved! I'm also noticing that my digestive track seems to be healthier and my joints don't seem to ache quite as much as usual. I highly recommend Amazoil™.

Age: 50s | Hong Kong

Since using Amazoil™ my energy levels are insane!!

Age: 30s | South Africa

I have chronic neck pain due to an accident from my youth. Normally, I live with an almost permanent headache. Since using Amazoil™, I have found huge relief and no longer need to take Myprodol daily. My digestive system has also never been this regular.

Age: 60s | Spain

I used to suffer terribly with digestive irregularities, which resulted in me feeling uncomfortable and tired. Since taking Amazoil™, I have never been more regular and full of energy. I also have noticed that my joint pains have almost disappeared and now, I walk my dogs twice a day - they are very happy!

Age: 70s | South Africa

I am an avid cyclist and have ridden more than 21 Cape Argus races as well as the Iron Man. After my last race, doing the Double Century and using Amazoil™ not only did I beat my best time ever ridden by 14 minutes, but I woke up the following day, feeling like I could do it again, when I would normally need a few days to recover. GREAT product!

Age: 30s | South Africa

I can't believe the difference this product has made in my energy levels and overall feeling of wellness, as well as a huge increase in my libido. My wife and I are both very happy.

Age: 30s | South Africa

I have been into fitness and health for 35 years. I have tried many different supplements on the market and have never found any of them to work quite as effectively as this. I have a neck injury from surfing that causes numbness in my hand due to inflammation. Since taking Amazoil™, I no longer have to take anti inflammatories and have not experienced any recurrence of symptoms. I have also noticed a huge difference in my energy levels as well as recovery after training and improved digestion.

Age: 40s | South Africa

My digestive system has never been this regular. If I do not take Amazoil™, I notice an immediate difference. My digestion and energy levels have never been better!

Age: 70s | America

My wife and I have been taking Gaviscon regularly for Acid Reflux and indigestion, since using Amazoil™ we ditched the medication and feel much better!

Age: 40s | South Africa

I run an old age home in Durban, South Africa and have had many compliments about Amazoil™ for joint pain and stiffness with all of my oldies. I take Amazoil™ too and it's fantastic!

Age: 70s | South Africa

We own and run a Get Fit gym franchise and Amazoil™ has really helped all of our clients in boosting their immune system and recovery.

Age: 30s | South Africa

Being a personal trainer and around people daily, I always used to get sick. Since taking Amazoil™ I cant remember the last time I was sick! It's definitely boosted my immune system.

Age: 30s | South Africa

I used to take medication for Acid reflux which weren't effective, Amazoil™ works in minutes!

Age: 30s | South Africa

I suffer from stiffness in my knees which is uncomfortable when I work. Around 80% of the stiffness has disappeared after 3 weeks. I stopped taking it, and after a few days the stiffness came back. So I continued taking the Amazoil™ and a few days later the stiffness was gone! I like that it's a 100% natural product which is more healthy than medical drugs.

Age: 60s | Hong Kong

6 years ago I started to have gout. Earlier I also got Achilles’ tendon, knees and back pain due to an accident.  My best friend shared with me the origins and benefit of Amazoil™ for pains like I was experiencing. I have to admit being very skeptical about it. But after 1 week gout episode was less sore... and then was completely vanished never had gout ever since. Few days later I didn’t experience Achilles’ tendon and back pain anymore while standing up in the morning ... which had a direct impact on my mood. And dynamism. Thank you very much.


My friend who uses a lot of natural remedies introduced this product to me a few months back. I had complained of feeling very low on energy, having low immunity and constantly picking up flus and viruses that affected my general well-being. She suggested perhaps my immunity and low energy issues were a result of poor gut health and nutrient absorption. I had no idea what to do, and it sounded complicated to fix, anyways I tried Amazoil™ daily over a couple weeks and noticed I was feeling less sluggish and also my stomach became more regular. Over more time, I noticed I hadn’t picked up the usual winter flu or colds that you usually get quite easily particularly when having kids around.

I really feel my immunity has improved and I am definitely more energetic. The supplement does have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities so I’m thinking it’s keeping all the good bacteria around and cleaning out the bad ones in my system. I find it has a multilayered function for a lot of different issues which is great as it’s a one supplement solution. I feel good taking it as part of my diet because it’s also a natural product. I’ve recommended it to a few of my friends already as I find it works well and results can be seen quite quickly.

Age: 40s | Hong Kong

I have been using Amazoil™ for several months now. It's done amazing things for my chronic neck pain! I have lived with pain in my neck for over 15 years. It's from a combination of poor posture and long hours in front of the computer. It gets so painful I need to go for a massage or see a chiropractor every 2 weeks.
3 weeks after taking Amazoil™, the pain disappeared! I can still feel some stiffness in my neck but the pain has gone. I have not had to go for a single massage since I started taking Amazoil™. It has really changed my life!
I also noticed that my digestion is much more regular, and I am eating less than I used to, I think its related to better absorption of foods.

Age: 40s | Hong Kong

I am a clinical nutritionist and specialised trainer. I was introduced to Amazoil™ about two years ago and since using it have noticed a marked improvement in my recovery from exercise and my energy levels. I continued using the product through my second pregnancy and as a result suffered from zero heart burn and pregnancy related constipation (both of which I had experienced through my first pregnancy). My digestion has never been better!

Age: 20s | South Africa